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The Dublin Energy Lab (DEL) is a leader in science and engineering energy research in Ireland with an associated staff of fourteen academics, four full time researchers, fifteen full and part time PhD researchers and three MPhil researchers. DEL conducts research across a range of disciplines with key efforts organised into themes of

Our mission is to maintain our position as a foremost resource for energy related research and development in Ireland, serving the islands institutional, industrial and academic needs. This is achieved through basic and applied research collaborations closely linked with national and international targets for carbon reduction and growth of a knowledge economy.


Latest News

22nd. Jan. 2018 deadline : call for abstracts (500 words) - eseia conference in DIT, April 2018


Recent Events

The Journal of Sustainable Design & Applied Research.

Quarterly PhD Colloquia

- presentations, May 2017

- presentations, Mar. 2017

- presentations, Dec. 2016

- presentations, Oct. 2016

- presentations, May 2016 (in collaboraton with ESB)

presentations, Feb. 2016

presentations, Dec. 2014

- DEL Seminar - Sept 2014 Sep. 2014


Recent Publications

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