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Ahmad Hasan

PhD Researcher


Mr. Hasan is a PhD researcher in Dublin Energy Lab based in Focas Institute , School of Physics , Dublin Institute of Technology working on use of phase change materials for thermal control in building integrated photovoltaic systems under the supervision of Dr. Sarah McCormack, Dr. Mingjun Huang and Professor Brian Norton. The PV operating temperature can go up to 55°C above their characterisation temperature of 25 °C causing drop in PV power output with a temperature coefficient of up to -0.5 %/K. Controlling PV temperature close to characterisation temperature can  save this temperature dependent  PV power drop and yield characterization PV electrical conversion efficiency. Phase change materials have potential to absorb the excess heat from the PV as latent heat to maintain the PV temperature close to their characterisation temperature and release the absorbed heat when needed for certain applications thus improving both the in situ PV electrical conversion efficiency and thermal performance of the system.

After graduating with BSc. in Mechanical Engineering from University of Engineering and Technology Lahore, Pakistan in 2003, Hasan completed MSc. in Energy Systems Engineering from Aachen University of Applied Sciences, Germany in 2006 and started with DIT in 2006. Before commencing this work he has worked as research assistant on modelling and simulation of heat transfer mechanism in building integrated solar air collectors in Aachen University and Model development and validation for ground source heat pumps with Viessmann GmbH, Germany, using Matlab / Simulink.  




Hasan, A., McCormack, S. J., Huang, M. J., Norton, B., 2007. Experimental design for integrating phase change materials into building integrated photovoltaics for thermal control. Proceedings of the 3rd Photovoltaic Science, Applications and Technology Conference (PVSAT-3), March 28th – 30th, Durham, UK, pp. 105-108.

Hasan, A., Schnitzler, E., McCormack, S. J., Huang, M. J., Norton, B., 2007.  Phase change materials for thermal control of building integrated photovoltaics: Experimental design and findings. Proceedings of the 22nd European Photovoltaic Solar Energy Conference and Exhibition, Sept 2007, Milan, Italy pp.3323 - 3329.


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