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Caitriona Walsh

Assistant lecturer and PhD researcher


Caitríona graduated in 2000 from NUI, Galway with a B.Sc (Hons) in Microbiology, specialising in Environmental Microbiology. To further extend her environmental knowledge she went on to complete an M.Sc in Environmental Engineering at Queen's University in Belfast from which she graduated in 2001 with first class honours. During this time she completed the research portion of her M.Sc at the QUESTOR Centre, at QUB.

Caitríona has worked extensively in consulting engineering since graduating from Queen's University, particularly in the fields of Catchment Management and Environmental Impact Assessment. Her extensive experience in Environmental Impact Statement preparation includes work in the fields of traffic modelling, and road design along with environmental impact assessment in the areas of noise and vibration, landscape & visual effects, socio-economics, ecology, agronomy, archaeology, architecture and cultural heritage. As a result of this work, she has also significant experience of the planning process including preparation and response to planning objections and attendance and work at numerous An Bord Pleanàla oral hearings.

At present Caitríona works as an Assistant Lecturer in Environmental Engineering at DIT, Bolton Street. Apart from her lecturing duties, Caitríona is currently working on a PhD in the field of Total Energy Life Cycle Analysis and how it relates to spatial planning in Ireland and Europe.  Along with this her research interests include development of sustainable energy sources and their practical application in Ireland, Multi-Criteria Decision Making Analysis and Planning Policy in Ireland.



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