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Dr. Aimee Byrne

Post Doctoral Research Fellow


Aimee is a Post Doctoral Research Fellow in the School of Civil and Structural Engineering, Bolton St. DIT. Her current work involves the development of cement batteries to store photovoltaic energy to power cathodic protection of reinforcement in concrete structures.

Aimee holds a Degree and Ph.D. in Engineering from Trinity College, Dublin. Her thesis examined the Irish energy efficiency residential retrofit scheme. The analysis was based in the disciplines of structural and thermal engineering as well as human geography. It involved monitoring houses before and after retrofit, laboratory experiments, surveys and interviews. The overall objective of the research was to inform stakeholders and policy makers on how to make the scheme more effective. While at Trinity, Aimee also acted as demonstrator for the Engineering Design ‘Human-Centred Design’ module which focused on design methods and sustainability.

Previously Aimee worked in industry as a structural design engineer at Arup Consulting Engineers working on large scale projects, most notably the new St. Vincent’s Private Hospital.



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