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Dr. Malabika Basu

B.E., M.Eng., PhD., MIEEE, MIET

Contact Details

Tel: +353 1 402 4996

Malabika Basu graduated from Bengal Engineering College, Shibpur, India (Now Bengal Engineering and Science University) in 1995 with a B.E. in Electrical Engineering. She topped the University among all branches of Engineering in her Masters in 1997, with specialization in Electrical Machines. She then joined the Department of Electrical Engineering at Indian Institute of Technology, Kanpur, India as a research scholar, where she received her Ph.D. in January, 2003, for her work on unified power quality conditioner.

In, February, 2001 Malabika joined the Department of Electrical Engineering, Jadavpur University at Calcutta as a lecturer. In 2003, she joined the School of Electrical Engineering Systems of Dublin Institute of Technology in Ireland as Arnold. F. Graves postdoctoral fellow. Since October 2006, Malabika joined the school as permanent academic staff member.

Dr. Basu’s current research interests are

Renewable Energy Integration and Power Quality Control, Active Power Filters, Dynamic Voltage Restorers, Unified Power Quality Conditioners, Inverters and Converters Topology and Control, Switched Mode Rectifiers etc, Instrumentation and Experimentation, Theoretical analysis of electrical signals, PQ signal processing and monitoring, Photovoltaic Power conditioning, grid-tie inverters, Z-Source Inverters, electronic transformer design, Electric Drives, electrical aspects of EV and HEV, bio-medical power electronics, like electric wheel chair.

Malabika is a Member of Electrical Power Research Group of DIT, and the Dublin Energy Lab.

Dr. Basu’s graduate students

Iurie Axente (PhD completed) “Enhancement of Unified Power Quality Conditioner” (August 2008) ( supported by Enterprise Ireland Project)

N. G. Jayanti (PhD completed) “UPQC for Grid Integration of Wind Generators” (November 2008) (supported by Enterprise Ireland Project)

Moin Hanif (PhD ongoing) “Grid-Tie Inverter for PV Application”, ( joint supervision with Kevin Gaughan)

Shafiuzzaman Khan Khadem (M. Phil ongoing) “Power Quality Improvement of DG integrated Network with UPQC”, ( joint supervision with Dr. Michael Conlon)

Dr. Umakant Dwivedi (Arnold F. Graves Post-Doctoral Research Fellow) “ Smart Power Quality Monitoring System” (ongoing)

Research grants

  • Unified Power Quality Conditioner from Enterprise Ireland Supported Commercialisation Fund of € 332000 (Oct. 2004 - Sept. 2007). Awarded to the power research group. I was responsible for the technical write up part of the project.
  • International Collaboration Award from Research Support Unit of DIT of funding € 10 000 (2005-2006)(Principal Investigator)
  • CaBS Award from Research Support Unit of DIT , Funding € 100,000 ((Principal Investigator) (From March 2007 – March 2009) (Smart Grid Technology Platform)
  • Strand 1: 2008 € 46,000 (2009- 2010) “Power Quality Improvement of Distributed Generation (DG) Integrated Network with Unified Power Quality Conditioner” ( the work will start in 2009 January due to recruitment delay) 
  • HEA Equipment Grant ( 2007) € 65, 000 ( Build state of the art Power Quality Laboratory with Real-Time Simulator)
  • UK EPSRC collaboration Grant (2008) £302, 000 with Dr. Aung, University of Bath (unfortunately due to sudden untimely death of Dr. Aung, this collaboration is uncertain)

International Research collaboration: 

  • Collaborating on a research project on Intelligent Electronic Transformer with Professor Prasad Enjeti of Texas A&M University USA.
  • To start collaboration with Professor Remus Teodorescu at the Green Power Lab of Institute of Energy Technology (IET) at Aalborg University on Clean Energy Interface.
  • Purdue University
  • University of Ulster
  • Durham University

Dr. Basu’s List of Publications

Patents :

  1. “Short Circuit Protection for Series Connected Inverters”, Patent application filed by DIT in June 2008. (Application number S2008/0521)
  2. “DC link Controller for Unified Power Quality Conditioner”, Patent application in progress.

Courses Taught by Dr. Basu

  • Power Systems Analysis 1 (Postgraduate Course)
  • Power Electronic Conversion Systems (Postgraduate Course)
  • Industrial Electronics 3.1 (Undergraduate Course)
  • Electrical Energy Systems 3.2 (Undergraduate Course)