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Duga Ewuga

PhD Researcher

School of Surveying and Construction Management



Duga Ewuga is a trained Quantity Surveyor and currently A PhD researcher in the School of Surveying and Construction Management at the Dublin Institute of Technology Bolton Street Dublin 1. He studied at the Abubakar Tafawa Belewa University Bauchi-Nigeria, University of Jos-Nigeria and the University of Salford-UK. At the University of Salford his dissertation was titled Renewable Energy in Buildings in Nigeria: The Quantity Surveyors perspective. The product of the research has been shared in workshops with Quantity Surveyors in Nigeria. He is current PhD research wotk is on Sustainable procurement in the construction industry, under the supervision of Prof Lloyd Scott and Dr Alan Hore. The research intends to study how the three pillars of sustainability can be effectively promoted at the procurement stage of a project which goes a long way in enhancing the efficient performance of the building. The work is still at its infancy stage with a target completion date of September 2020. It is the intention of the researchers to disseminate knowledge acquired in this study in workshops, seminars and articles in journals.