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Dr. Ronan Oliver 

PhD, MPhil, BEng, MIEI

Assistant Lecturer, School of Mechanical and Design Engineering


Tel: +353 1 402 2915





Dr. Ronan Oliver is an energy modelling and forecasting researcher with an interest in building energy performance, water conservation, heat pumps and other sustainable heating solutions. His PhD developed building energy and network forecast models for Gas Networks Ireland as part of a Fiosraigh Enterprise partnership with DIT. He previously helped to develop and test heat pumps for the UK and Irish market for Glen Dimplex Ireland. He has also developed a recirculating aquaculture (or water filtration) system for an Innovation Partnership between Enterprise Ireland, DIT and an aquaculture enterprise. Prior to this he was a Mechanical Consulting Engineer and delivered numerous commercial building and wastewater projects, energy surveys, building energy ratings and Part L compliance reports. Before this engineering role, Dr Ronan completed his MPhil on a computational fluid dynamics (CFD) project sponsored by the Irish Research Council. This research modelled a Ranque-Hilsch Vortex Tube and its complex three-dimensional, rotational and compressible air flow using ANSYS CFX software.


Research Interests

  • Building Energy Performance - modelling and improving building energy performance using: smart-metering data; heating degree day regression models; commercial software e.g. IES; building energy rating (BER) / Part L compliance software e.g. DEAP, NEAP, etc.; ISO 15001 energy management systems.
  • Water Conservation - modelling and reducing water consumption in buildings and developing improved “loading unit” flowrate estimation methods.
  • Heat Pumps / Sustainable Heating Solutions – modelling and improving heat pump performance; interpretation and integration of EN14528 energy performance data within BER calculation software.



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