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Dr. Fintan McLoughlin

Post-doctoral Researcher



Fintan McLoughlin is a post-doctoral researcher with Dublin Energy Lab and Dublin Institute of Technology.  Fintan is primarily working on two European FP7 funded projects PV Crops and Rokwood.  PV Crops aims to: improve the performance, reliability and lifetime of PV systems; reduce costs; and enhance PV integration into the electrical grid.  Rokwood aims to improve research and technological development, market uptake and to increase investments in wooden biomass production and utilisation schemes at regional level.

Fintan obtained his doctorate at the Dublin Institute of Technology in 2013.  His research involved applying various time series, statistical and probabilistic techniques in order to predict how electricity is used within the home.  Prior to this Fintan obtained a MSc from Loughborough University in Renewable Energy Systems Technology (2007) and a honours degree from Trinity College Dublin in electrical and electronic engineering (2001).  In the past Fintan has also worked both as a transmission engineer for a large telecommunications utility and as an electrical engineer for a leading environmental design consultancy. 

Fintan's main research interests lie in load profile analysis and the application of various techniques to describe and predict how electricity is used. Fintan is also interested in the Smart Grid and the use of data analytics to improve customer and network intelligence for the purposes of efficient generation, transmission and consumption of electricity.




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