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Thomas Woolmington
BSc., BTech., NCC (Electrician)

Contact Details

Tel.      402 4618
Room   KE3-021


Thomas Woolmington started work in the electrical services industry in March 2000. He has numerous qualifications in the electrical services area which include a national craft certificate (Electrician) and a BSc. in Electrical Services Engineering and Energy Management. He joined DIT as a lecturer within the Electrical Services Department in DIT Kevin Street in September 2006.
He has played an active role in the development of modern teaching methods for technical students and has successfully completed a postgraduate certificate in Third Level Teaching and Learning. This has also been followed up with the ongoing necessity of changing core subjects on third level courses to meet current industry demands.

In October 2009 funding was secured in order to complete a feasibility study into photometric testing of LED luminaires using proprietary instruments. This funding was supplied by Enterprise Ireland in order to address an industrial partner’s technical query.

Research Activities:
Primary research interests include the following areas;

  • Low energy design of electrical services
  • Micro-renewable technologies
  • Technical education research.
  • The quantification of turbulence
  • Power prediction of wind turbines

Current Research Activity:
In April 2011 he enrolled as a PhD student in DIT. His work currently involves the statistical summarisation of the wind resource and its impact on the accuracy of power performance of wind turbines. This has involved the development of a new turbulence metric known as the Turbulent Fourier Dimension (TDF) which has evolved from fractal and noise theory as a means to compliment the Turbulence Intensity (TI) metric.

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Available at:

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