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Energy Training for Construction Workers for Low Energy Buildings (BUILD UP SKILLS QUALIBUILD)

The target group of BUILD UP Skills QualiBuild is Craft Workers and Operatives in the Building Construction Sector. A core principle of the Irish Build Up Skills Roadmap is one of Quality Building. By focusing on quality buildings, of which low-energy buildings is a priority theme, this creates greater opportunities for the construction supply chain to take ownership of the issue. BUILD UP skills QualiBuild will address one of the main issues identified within the Irish Build Up Skills (BUSI) Roadmap i.e. all construction workers lack the core knowledge in relation to low energy buildings. It will done this by a) Developing a Foundation Energy Skills Programme for the target group b) Implementing a Train the Trainers programme to increase the knowledge and competency of trainers involved in construction training. The Irish Build Up Skills Roadmap highlighted the need to back up training provision with mechanisms which allow workers to benefit, in the market place, from having taken such training. Building on experiences from other schemes in Ireland, the project will develop and implement an industry backed Quality Building Training Registration Scheme.

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