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International Energy Agency (IEA) Task 26 – Cost of Wind Energy

IEA Task 26 is a multi-national study on the levelised cost of wind energy with participating countries including: Ireland, Denmark, Germany, Netherlands, Norway, United States (NREL) and the European Commission (JRC).  A core part of the Task involves obtaining and analysing estimates of past, present and future wind energy costs in different countries. There are three work packages associated with Task 26; WP1: Update analysis of onshore wind technology cost drivers and differences among participating countries with current data; WP2: Estimate cost of offshore wind energy and identify major cost drivers in each participating country; WP3: Explore methods and application of methods to understand future cost of wind energy and value of wind energy in electric system.  

The initial work for Task 26 formally began in January 2009 and continued through to the end of 2011, Ireland did not participate during this period.  In October 2012, a 3 year extension of Task 26 commenced and Dublin Institute of Technology (DIT) was appointed as Ireland’s representative through financial support under SEAI’s 2012 RD&D programme. 


Project Contact :  Prof. Aidan Duffy

Project Website: