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Energy Demand Analysis and Forecasting:

Characterising domestic electricity consumption over the short to medium term

Energy outputs from renewable energy technologies such as photovoltaics and micro-wind power produce electricity that can vary significantly throughout the time of year and day due to changing environmental conditions.  Similarly, domestic electricity consumption can vary considerably during different periods of the day according to different dwelling, occupant and environmental characteristics.  Many techno-economic models exist for various renewable energy technologies based on standalone performance in a domestic setting.  However, the real performance of the technologies is not often known, as high time resolution models for domestic electricity consumption patterns are not readily available.  Similarly other technologies (e.g. electric vehicles), energy efficiency initiatives (e.g. demand side management, time of use tariff setting) and network planning proposals can only be assessed where real data exists.  This project aims to characterise short to medium term domestic electricity demand so that various policies can be assessed where data is not readily available.


DIT – School of Civil and Building Services Engineering

Fintan McLoughlin

Dr Aidan Duffy

DIT – School of Electrical Engineering Systems

Dr Michael Conlon

Research Outputs

F. McLoughlin, A. Duffy and M. Conlon, "A parametric analysis of domestic electricity consumption patterns in Ireland. Tenth International Conference on Environment and Electrical Engineering (EEEIC), 8-11 May 2011, Rome, Italy.

F. McLoughlin, A. Duffy, and M. Conlon, “The Generation of Domestic Electricity Load Profiles through Markov Chain Modelling,” Euro-Asian Journal of Sustainable Energy Development Policy, Vol. 5, 2012.

F. McLoughlin, A. Duffy, and M. Conlon, “Characterising domestic electricity consumption patterns by dwelling and occupant socio-economic variables: An Irish case study,” Energy and Buildings, Vol. 48, pp. 240-248, May 2012.