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New Design Paradigm for Modern Interior Lighting

This project aims to improve the way that lighting for interiors is designed.  Entirely new metrics for interior lighting have been proposed that consider the visual appearance of the room rather than the illuminance on a horizontal (or vertical) working plane. A new metric for ensuring minimum perceived adequacy of illumination (PAI) has been proposed called mean room surface Exitance (MRSE). This project builds upon findings of a preceding PhD project and evaluates MRSE and its associated design paradigm against present more traditional design methods in interior lighting design and application. This new paradigm is expected to provide building users with better quality lighting, owners with lower energy costs, the industry with a reliable new paradigm for lighting design and installation, and legislators with reliable metrics and lower CO2 emissions.  In order to further progress this work,  it is necessary to follow on previous PhD studies and investigate the application of these innovative methods in real world designs with varied lighting designs using latest technology in lamps and controls, and integrating this with daylight to maximise quality and energy efficiency.

New PhD Scholarship Scholarship (Kevin Kelly) (Aug. 2015)

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