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The Build-Up Skills Ireland (BUSI) Project is part of the EU Build-Up Skills Initiative, supported through the Intelligent Energy Europe programme, which aims to support the training and up-skilling of craftspeople involved in the construction sector. The main driver for the initiative is to ensure that there are sufficient numbers of highly skilled construction workers which can assist Ireland, and Europe, to meet the 2020 Energy Targets. The outputs from the project will be a National Roadmap, to be endorsed by key strategic National stakeholders, which will set the platform for revision of existing programmes and development of new programmes.

DIT's partners on the project are Blanchardstown Institute of Technology, Limerick Institute of Technology, The Irish Congress of Trades Unions and The Construction Industry Federation.  The roadmap is expected to be complete in early 2013.  The point of contact for DIT's input is Tim O'Leary

Along with providing detail to Mark Keyes of Blachardstown IT for the background information gathering, DIT will coordinate the primary data gathering activities, involving the expertise of Dr. Ela Krawczzyk of The Futures Academy, heading up the consultation sessions followed by the supporting on-line questionnaire delivery and assessment through Prof. Aidan O’Driscoll.

The project is being coordinated by Seamus Hoyne of The Limerick Institute of Technology & The Tipperary Energy Agency.