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Solar Energy:

photovoltaic control system investigation into total and partial shading and non-ideal insolation conditions

Many attempts are being made to increase the efficiency of the PV Solar Panel. This research aims to uncover the optimal grade of modularity for PV systems conducive to partial shading due to unavoidable objects being present at certain times throughout the suns cycle. Shading is a reality in some systems due to location of existing properties. The proposed PhD aims to develop a practical system to cope with shading in PV systems; to maximise the output of the system in the event of such a practical in-situ consideration, such as partial shading of a system. This will require a complete experimental analysis of the angle of orientation of the panels with respect to shading, followed by the design of control system parameters.

The research also aims to investigate the over-proportional shading losses in PV systems, through experimental investigation of inverter types: central inverters, string inverters, and on-panel modular inverters. This will require a clever and adaptable wiring and control system, aiming to find out how shade affects the system using different control system settings. A better objective understanding of partially shadowed PV systems is crucial in order to evaluate different system configurations.


DIT - School of Mechanical and Transport Engineering

Lynette Magee

DIT - School of Physics

Dr Sarah McCormack

Prof Brian Norton